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Meet the Team

DSQ Team

Transcript for DSQ 2021 Family Video
Top row left: Gabby Cantoni, DSQ Editorial intern, UConn undergraduate.
Top row middle: Brenda Brueggemann, DSQ Co-Editor, UConn.
Top row right: Jess Gallagher, DSQ Editorial intern, UConn undergraduate.
Middle row left: Faith Langenkamp, staff captioner, UConn
Middle row middle: Kelly Coons, DSQ Summer Editorial Intern, Smith College
Middle row right: Mary Jo Schwie-Loughran, staff interpreter, UConn
Bottom row left: Mary Geffert, staff interpreter, UConn
Bottom row middle: Elizabeth Brewer, DSQ Co-Editor, Central Connecticut State University
Bottom row right: Kelsey Henry, DSQ Assistant Editor, Yale University

Website Design and Development

Greenhouse Studios

Greenhouse Studios is a joint effort of the University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Library, and School of Fine Arts. As a scholarly research lab, we have created a unique workspace—a scholarly communications design studio—which establishes a “collaboration first” approach that brings a diverse team of people together to create original works of research.

Cara Tracey (She/Her)

Website Design and Development

Cara Tracey is a user interface designer. She just recently graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Digital Media & Design, concentrating in Web/Interactive Media Design. Her concentration has allowed her to gain hands on experience conducting user experience research, planning flow charts, building wireframes, designing low and high fidelity prototypes, and successfully designing, developing, and implementing fully responsive user interfaces. Cara became apart of this project through Greenhouse Studios.

Logo Design

Fabrizzio Cedeño

Logo Design

Fabrizzio Cedeño is a graphic designer based in New Haven, CT. He graduated from the University of Connecticut in May 2022 with a BFA in Arts, concentrating in Graphic Design. Throughout his time at UConn, he has been able to work with different clients and organizations allowing him to develop skills in social media management/outreach, poster design, merch design, marketing plans, UX/UI, brand implementation, and the creation of digital content. Fabrizzio became apart of this project through his work at the Design Center.

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